Betting on Science

In case you want to put your money where your mouth is on future predictions, this website lets you bet on a whole bunch of weird shit, from finding supersymmetric particles before the end of this or next year and the discovery of extraterrestrial life to the amount of snow in central park.

They give a 1% chance that Hamas will recognize Israel before Midnight december 2012 a 6% chance that the US or Israel will attack Iran before the end of the year and a 49% chance it will happen before the end of next year.






Faster than light quantum information

A cool new paper appeared in Nature Physics this week and made a lot of waves (at least on my facebook feed).

In this paper titled “Quantum non-locality based on finite-speed causal influences leads to superluminal signalling” the authors show a method for testing if the “weird” effects of entanglement such as the violation of Bell inequalities can be explained using a faster then light source for exchanging information.

The main problem with these kinds of theories is that the usual Bell experiments can at best put a lower bound on the speed of exchanging this kind of information. The way to overcome this problem is to look at Bell violations in a 4 party system. The result of the paper is that one can perform a test that requires the speed of these causal influences to be infinite.

Heavy Metal Universe!

Too much writing at uni has taken its toll. But in the interest of keeping this blog alive here’s an email Mauro wrote me in January titled “Heavy Metal Universe!” in an attempt to enhance my knowledge of heavy metal.  Cynic’s first album has been on my playlist since then so cheers Mauro.

Anyway, here it is in full, Mauro’s Heavy Metal Universe, enjoy

– The fathers of Death Metal:

– Old School Death Metal:

–  Doom Metal:

– Brutal Death Metal:

– Death/Black Metal:

– Crazy Stuff:

– Progressive/Death:

– Progressive:

– A Thrash Gem!:

– …the Joy in the Heavy Metal Universe!:

The Spectrum of Indubitability

Busy days but not much interesting going on. Computer crashed, enjoyed the last (long) weekend of summer and got drunk Saturday night. Not much to write about.

Guess its time to start digging into some old insights about the human condition.  On today’s menu is The Spectrum of Indubitability. This particular gem of our quantum kitchen discussions was a result of the ongoing debate on the merits of the global warming scene. My argument that the term “consensus” used too loosely when compared with the consensus regarding other scientific theories such as quantum mechanics, evolution, relativity and Newtonian mechanics led to Thorn plotting various theories and psudo-theories on a graph he aptly named The Spectrum of Indubitability.


Note that The Wiki Religion was placed between quantum mechanics and 2+2=4.

It’s alive…..

Ok, so finally I have the time to write my first blog entry. The plan was to start soon after I arrived in Canada. It’s already been 4 weeks… time files when you’re trying to get settled.

So here we are in Waterloo and the plan is to keep a blog about life, science and everything, hopefully start a few discussions (read arguments), and generally mass communicate with the people I know around the world.

So here’s a short recap of life in the past few months. I submitted my thesis on May 1, and together with Shira and Maya, left Sydney for Israel the next day. The next three months were spent between Shira’s parents in Natanay and my parents in Rishon apart form 5 days visiting Kavan in Oxford, where we almost finalized the review on quantum discord (to be published soon). Israel was great for nice sunny weather, great friends and much missed family. Everyone was überhappy to meet Maya in person.

On the 30th of July I left Israel for Waterloo, with my job at IQC starting on August 1. A week later Shria and Maya joined me in a house furnished by an inflatable double mattress, a baby bed, a frying pan and two plates. Things have been pretty hectic since I arrived, trying to get settled here. But I’m happy to say we are well on our way to feeling at home in our apartment and getting into a normal routine.

I’ll keep this one short and hopefully write something longer next time, suggestions are welcome for the subject of my next post.