It’s alive…..

Ok, so finally I have the time to write my first blog entry. The plan was to start soon after I arrived in Canada. It’s already been 4 weeks… time files when you’re trying to get settled.

So here we are in Waterloo and the plan is to keep a blog about life, science and everything, hopefully start a few discussions (read arguments), and generally mass communicate with the people I know around the world.

So here’s a short recap of life in the past few months. I submitted my thesis on May 1, and together with Shira and Maya, left Sydney for Israel the next day. The next three months were spent between Shira’s parents in Natanay and my parents in Rishon apart form 5 days visiting Kavan in Oxford, where we almost finalized the review on quantum discord (to be published soon). Israel was great for nice sunny weather, great friends and much missed family. Everyone was überhappy to meet Maya in person.

On the 30th of July I left Israel for Waterloo, with my job at IQC starting on August 1. A week later Shria and Maya joined me in a house furnished by an inflatable double mattress, a baby bed, a frying pan and two plates. Things have been pretty hectic since I arrived, trying to get settled here. But I’m happy to say we are well on our way to feeling at home in our apartment and getting into a normal routine.

I’ll keep this one short and hopefully write something longer next time, suggestions are welcome for the subject of my next post.


6 thoughts on “It’s alive…..

  1. Great idea,
    I’ll give ~2 months before you desert this blog 🙂
    if you’ll manage to keep it up longer than that, it’ll probably stick…


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