I aBrodutchm a postdoctoral fellow at the center for quantum information and quantum control, University of Toronto.

When I was about to finish High school I considered two possible paths for university: Physics and programming (I did not know there was more to computer science). My father’s advice was, once you  start a career (i.e writing code for a living) you will not go back to studying physics, so I decided to go for my biggest passion and did not look back.  Choosing only one path I don’t know if my father was right, but I think I got the best of both sides since my part of my work is at the intersection for physics and computer science. As an added bonus, I also get to have a lot of fun with math and visit the lab.

Here is a short version of my CV.

Aharon Brodutch

Department of Physics,
University of Toronto,
60 St George St, Toronto,
ON M5S 1A7, Canada
email: brodutch at physics.utoronto.ca

For a list of my publications check out  google scholar  or arXiv.

A couple of my presentations have been recorded.

In 2014 I gave a short course on weak measurements. Here are the lecture notes.